Windows Mail to Outlook Converter

Windows Mail to Outlook Converter
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Windows Mail to Outlook Converter ( download ) is designed for the purpose of transferring Windows Mail emails files (EML) to Outlook. It provides with the facility to import emails of .MSG; .EMLX and .EML formats to Microsoft Outlook from other email clients. This makes the importing of Windows Mail emails process really simple and remarkably saves both time and effort. You easily can import the attached files also with this application.

Windows Mail to Outlook Converter

Windows Mail to Outlook Converter

Outlook Import Converter features built-in primary integrity check module and acts to Windows Mail to Outlook Converter. The most notable feature of Outlook Import Converter is its ability to import files while keeping the folder format unchanged. It is reliable to work with this Windows Mail to Outlook Converter in MS Outlook 64-bit edition also.

More precise and more efficient Outlook importing tools materializes the quick precision of email filter by different aspects e.g. attached files, dates and size. Alongside this enhanced work efficiency the distinguished Batch Mode facilitates convert of several user profiles at the same time.

Generally the user has to be very much cautious during the transfer of Windows Mail emails to MS Outlook due to the possibility of loss or screwing up a little which ultimately could result in a serious hazard as most of our day to day activity information are stored in these email clients. But in this case this Outlook Import Converter is just a kind of real relive.  As it is solely designed to convert EML to PST in order to import those Windows Mail emails to MS Outlook, it is really extra-ordinary to abandon other comparatively old fashioned email clients’ e.g.  Windows Mail, MailCopa, Thunderbird, Live Mail.

Data recovery tools can be used due to the facility of importing messages recovered in MS Outlook and this opportunity is quite unique for this specific application which allows the most convenient way to transfer emails from Windows Mail to Outlook. Loss of data during the process of import is quite impossible because of the most reliably designed algorithm in this application. Another important advantage to be noted is no interference with antivirus scanning. Windows Mail to Outlook Converter application confirms the antivirus scan of the transported messages as well as it keeps the system safe simultaneously.  Windows Mail to Outlook Converter  tool runs under different versions of Windows including Windows 98 to Windows 7 and also stands with Outlook 98 to Outlook 2010 in a very efficient way.

In order to convert Windows Mail to PST it requires only a few mouse clicks in Outlook Import Converter. Its operation is very easy and doesn’t require any expertise because each and everything in this application is logical and well self-explaining and anyone can convert Windows Mail EML files to PST and accomplish the import to MS Outlook.

In order to transport EML to Outlook, one will have to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, start Windows Mail to Outlook Converter (Outlook Import Converter) and identify the source folder that contains Windows Mail email files.
  2. Select “Find ELM(x) files” option and off-course confirm the preparation of relevant folders in advance.
  3. After you selected the file click the “Next” button.
  4. Once the program has completed the search for the specified file location you will have to click the “Next” button again.
  5. Simply make the choice to import Windows Mail to Outlook and advance for the next step.
  6. Now, select the destination. After the imported message is ready, click “Start” to initiate the conversion process
  7. and finally you can check the log of the importing time.

This is all and you have successfully completed the import process using Outlook Import Converter of Windows Mail messages to Outlook.

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